Photos by: Michalina Jane Photography

Welcome to my tiny corner of the universe. Take off your shoes, get comfortable.

Short version: Film school graduate of 2004 with a lot of ideas and no industry prospects. So, fired up, I’m making my own.

Long form:
By trade, I aim to be a filmmaker. I saw my life in someone else’s movie once. I can direct a better one.  I write a lot of screenplays.  I have published prose and poetry, short stories and novels. I have written for magazines, websites, blogs and even comic books. Recently I have ventured into video games, which I find far more similar to films. This, I like. Filmmaking is my passion but storytelling in all its forms is my life.

Photo by: Michalina Jane Photography
Photo by: Michalina Jane Photography

I spend more time reading film scripts and science articles these days than I do much prose.  And since game scripts are kind of hard to come by (and typically enormous,) I spend time analyzing those as best I can during in-game play. Tricky to do, but dialog and codexes can carry a world of story that most game players miss if they ignore it and just shoot stuff.   (Albeit that is SO FUN.)

I admire screenwriters like the Coen Brothers, Bong Joon-ho, Christopher Nolan, and Neill Blomkamp and game writers David Gaider, Patrick Weekes, Ken Levine, and so many others (no prioritized order, by the way.)  All of them are talented at layering, rich world building, social commentary and poking the bear.

My current project is pretty hefty, overly ambitious, and probably well beyond my skill set, but I’m doing it anyway. Transmedia is “across various mediums,” in this case: a novel, a game, and short vignette films, (potentially more, we’ll see.) All of these are set within the same world and intertwined by theme and story.  See? Overly ambitious.  So that probably tells you all you need to know about me.

In the deep end… off the deep end… intent on punching sharks.