Patreon Patron-Only Print Gallery

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As a supporter on Patreon you can get some cool stuff for signing on, and some on-going rewards (like monthly AMA hang-outs with me to ask questions about the stories and such, which I answer as the characters.) One of the perks is a signed print of one of the character sketches or illustrations I’ve done. This gallery may have images added to it, or rotated out in the future. It is intended as thank you tokens for support related to the various stories I’ve written. It is in no way representative of my full-range of artistic skill.

The selection of work representing Evergate are illustrations painted for and included in the book. All images that I sketched or manipulated for ‘-Firetide or ‘Vector H+’ were personal musings, and many early character developments. Some characters, like Silver and Khes have actually evolved in the book and their appearances are somewhat different; in Khes’ case, dramatically.  If you are here to choose a Patreon signed print reward, please take note of the name beneath the image you would like… and thank you. All artwork was created by me. Photo manipulations used only stock images allowing proper permissions.